The Stephenson’s

Artesian Elk, Alberta Family Owned and Operated

Artesian Elk is located on the Northern edge of the Sunset Hills between the Lockhart and Blindman Valleys.  It is here that in 2017, the Stephenson’s got their start into Elk Farming.  Both Kyle and his wife, Pam were raised on mixed agriculture family farms in the area. They have both spent some years working off the farm – Pam as a teacher and Kyle with various jobs in oil and gas. 

In 2005, the Stephensons purchased a parcel of land NW of Bentley Alberta.  They lived in the original farm house for a year.  In 2006, they constructed a driveway into the back of the quarter, brought in utilities, drilled a water well and built a shop with living quarters on the 2nd level.  They had originally planned on living in the shop for a couple years while building their dream home.  Which then turned into seven and a half years and 3 kids later!  In 2010, they started building their forever home.  It was a self-build project that took 3 years for Kyle and family to complete.  In 2013 they were able to move in.  Over that time, they slowly added to their their land base.  In 2017, they were ready for another challenge.  Kyle had a burning desire to get back into agriculture.  After researching multiple options, the Stephensons decided to give Elk farming a go. 

Why choose Artesian Elk?

Artesian Elk raises their animals in a natural elk habitat that closely echoes living in the wild.  Artesian Elk takes pride in low stocking rates with large picturesque pens filled amidst trees and cover.  The elk are provided stress free living with an abundance of space year round.  All this plus industry leading genetics.  We invite you to come see for yourself.

Here are a few more reasons why:

Kyle had spent some time in a hog barn clearly not the direction they wanted to go.

The Stephenson’s land base is very diverse and contoured, growing any type of crops was not going to be feasible. 

They felt that they had a large enough land base to graze enough cattle in order to be reasonably profitable. 

The Stephenson’s have always been infatuated with Elk. 

Elk are such interesting creatures to be around with all types of excitement throughout the year – from the rut and breeding in the fall, to starting to grow antler in late winter, to calving in the spring, to the racks shed their velvet at the end of summer.  It is nice to raise an animal that is diversified into multiple markets as well.  The Stephenson’s couldn’t be happier with their decision.  If you can’t find them at the farm, chances are they won’t be far away – likely at a local arena in the winter, or a soccer or ball diamond in the summer.